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GE Lighting
The GE web portal for home and business lighting. Browse products such as decorative bulbs, chandeliers, recessed lighting, fluorescent tubes, aquarium bulbs and plant lighting. Business portion of the site features a lighting literature library, business lighting solutions, product information and energy guides.

Health Benefits of Light
Did you know that light – its presence and absence – can affect your health? Because light regulates the functions of the body, the kind of light you get can have surprising effects on your wellness. Your biological clock is dependent on natural light, so when you do not get the right kind of light at the right time, your mood and even your performance in daily life can suffer. This article even goes as far as saying that the absence of sunshine can cause seasonal affective disorder, also called the winter doldrums. To get rid of the winter blues, this article suggests light therapy, which is also said to treat ADHD, insomnia, and even dementia.

16 Major Residential Lighting Trends
In the past, lighting was all about functionality - if you have lights in your home, then you are good to go. But lighting design has come a long way, especially with the rise of lighting designers that have made homeowners realize how they can create a look and an atmosphere they prefer through their homes’ lighting. In this article, you will read about the 16 major trends in interior lighting for 2018. Included in this list is the use of LED lights, pendant lights, various kinds of chandeliers, art deco lamps, and gold light fixtures, among others. The article also provides valuable information about these trends.

Lighting Information
An index of valuable lighting information, including lighting fixtures such as iron chandeliers, alabaster light fixtures, tiffany light fixtures, track lighting, wall sconces, puck lights, pendant fixtures, murano glass lighting fixtures, recessed lighting, halogen lighting, crystal chandeliers and more. Lamp shade section goes to links for tiffany lamps, harp finials, torchiere lamps and more. Ceiling fan section as well as a light bulb database with holgen and krypton light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. More information about how to light various rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages and bedrooms; and lighting cleaning tips are included with photographs and easy-to-read lighting articles.

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