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Top 10 Health Benefits of Youth Sports
Youth sports: should your child participate in them or not? Participation in sports brings about a lot of benefits. Children do not just get physically fit; they also develop skills they will use in life and broaden their experience in dealing with people and situations. In this article, ReSYNC Your Life author Samir Becic explains how youth sports benefit children. One of the most important takeaways from this article is that youth sports build character. By participating in such activities, kids can learn teamwork, responsibility, and leadership. Youth sports also teach discipline, something the kids of today lack. Kids learn self-restraint, control, and proper behavior through sports.

Tips for Healthy Children and Families
Having a family is probably one of the most common goals people have. However, building a family and raising kids these days is not so easy - especially when it comes to health. The world faces medical conditions that will soon reach epidemic proportions, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, just to name a few. This is why it is important to build healthy habits while the kids are young. These early habits will set children into a healthy and happy life. This article gives suggestions on how parents and their children can eat better and how they can be more physically active.

Giving Your Child a Balanced Diet
Many parents are told their toddler should eat a mixed diet, but what does that mean, and what should you do when your toddler doesn’t like any of the foods recommended. A mixed diet is when a variety of foods are eaten in different combinations on a daily basis. A person who chooses this diet is certain to get everything her body requires under all circumstances. A toddler who has some meat or fish and/or some beans, nuts and pulses, some cheese, eggs, milk or yoghurt, will be getting more than adequate protein whatever the quality of each item, the article states. And if she also eats a range of vegetables and fruit, boiling the vitamin C out of that portion of cabbage will do no harm to her diet (though it may offend her taste buds) because there will be plenty in the baked potato or the fruit salad.

American Heart Association Tips to Kids Physical Activity
To live a healthy lifestyle, physical activity is essential. However, the arrival of smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets have greatly affected physical activity, especially of kids. Instead of riding their bikes or playing tag with other kids, children would rather stay in the house and watch TV or play video games. This is because most kids these days think that physical activity is a drag. Contrary to what these kids believe, being physically active is fun and not scary at all. This article from the American Heart Association provides tips on how kids can make physical activity fun and engaging.

Tips for Child-Dog Safety: Training the Kids
Dog-child scenarios are no doubt abundant in commotion, but what it also needs is some boundaries and norms. The site takes an interesting approach in recognizing patterns in dog biting incidents, as it speculates possible behaviors and gestures of children and dogs, small and large, that may lead to such accidents. A host of don'ts that follow for obedience training are indeed handy in preventing these incidents. The site also offers many webinars to users that talk about common canine dilemmas faced by dog owners such as understanding their vocalizations and dog-play dynamics, to name a few.

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