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Fountains are Definitely Part of Hardscaping
You may have heard of landscaping, but are you familiar with the term hardscaping? In a nutshell, hardscaping refers to features other than flower beds that can make your outdoor living space attractive. It can include a patio or deck, a walkway, a gazebo, or a decorative screen. Outdoor water fountains, ponds, and waterfalls also add interest to your backyard, since people are drawn to this type of feature and find being around them to be very relaxing. Why not add a barbecue pit or a grill while you are at it? Food cooked outside always seems to taste better than what you prepare inside!

DIY Auto Body: Get Instructions for Bumper Repair
The instructions posted on this site will direct you through the steps necessary to complete a bumper repair on your own. You will discover when you would be better off taking the car to a body shop instead of trying to do it yourself. Find out what you need to ask the mechanic before leaving your car at the garage and why fiberglass bumpers are preferred over plastic ones. If you're looking for bumper repair Los Angeles, visit Westwood Auto Body, serving the West side of Los Angeles with expert auto body repair.

Get Connected to Prescreened Contractors, Real Estate Agents and Lenders
If you're looking for a contractor, a real estate agent, or a lender, can put you together with a prescreened, fully licensed professional in no time. No matter what your project, from cabinets & countertops, to general carpentry, to cleaning services, concrete, brick & stone work, decks and porches, driveways, patios, walks & steps, drywall & insulation, electrical, telephones & computers, fences, flooring, foundations, garage doors, swimming pools, siding, roofing, painting and dozens of other categories, this site can help match you with the professional of your dreams. If you need an architect, an engineer, an appraiser, a home inspector, a lender, a professional mover, a maid service, or just about any other professional, this site has a matching service that can save you time and money. Click on Homefront Library and you'll find dozens of expertly-written articles, design ideas, and project estimates covering everything from room additions and cabinets to flooring, landscaping, decks, painting, plumbing, walls, windows and doors and so much more.

Lowe's Helps Consumers to Build an Adjustable Workbench
If you are looking for instructions for an adjustable workbench, the one on the Lowe's web site isn't exactly what you are looking for. Instead, the site offers instructions for intermediate-level carpenters on the finer points of building a workbench they can be proud of. Once you master this version, you can consider a more complicated model, such as a three drawer cabinet workbench. Discover how to determine the correct size and dimensions, what tools and materials you will need, and check out the cut list to make your project to build a bench a success. You will also find instructions for assembling the bench.

How to Hook Up the Gas for a Fire Pit
Hooking up the propane for a fire pit is something that is not something a newbie should attempt. This guide from DIY Network walks you through the process by providing written instructions and a series of photos for you to follow. Discover why you need to cover the drain before starting, as well as how to install the gas burners and test the flame. Turning the gas holes face down, installing the wire guards and adding lava rocks complete this backyard project. A handy time and budget estimate for the project is provided.

Popular Mechanics Home Improvement Journal Online
Popular Mechanics Home Improvement Journal on the Web offers articles, columns, opinion and do-it-yourself tips on woodworking, gardening, electrical wiring, furniture making, power tools and other areas of interest under the home improvement umbrella such as appliances, plumbing, roofs and gutters, metal working, and pest control. The site is organized by departments such as Woodworking, Gardening, best products for your home, Homeowner's Clinic, and more. There are guides for homeowners on power tools and outdoor power equipment. The columns and tips are based on the writers' experience with the theme, It Worked for Us.

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