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Resources on Gardening (02)

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Garden Advice
Garden Advice was created to support others' gardening endeavors. Their staff has over 180 years combined gardening experience and if you become a member of this site, they are all available to you free of charge by email, telephone or mail. Here are some of the things that come with the free membership: free priority advice by email, free video gardening calendar email, free CD-Rom and quarterly magazine, special offers for members only. Register today and start getting your gardening tips and growing your knowledge. Garden Advice also offers a lot of how-tos and sample garden projects. Take some time to browse the entire site and you'll find almost anything you are looking for.

Home & Family Gardening Tips
The Home & Family Network has set up an area of their site to give browsers an opportunity to learn about gardening. Within this gardening area, you'll find zone maps, garden plans and a plant and flower index to help you create a garden that you'll love to look at every day. The Gardening basics section gives tips about tools, tags, fertilizers and mulches. You'll come across landscaping tips, garden projects and a plan-a-garden that lets you create a yard on your computer. So, click on over to this site and begin to explore all they have to offer.

The Backyard Gardener
The Backyard Gardener has been providing gardening information for many years on the web. They consider themselves the "one stop informational site", which will help people understand their gardening needs. From gardening plans to plant lists, your gardening knowledge is sure to be enhanced after to visit this site. The best part is that the gardening information is "hands on" info. Can't find what you are looking for on this site, try out their search tool. The site also offers a free newsletter and tips on how to buy a greenhouse.

Look to Arbor Day Foundation for Tree Planting Tips
The Arbor Day Foundation offers visitors to its site detailed instructions to help them select and plant a tree properly. The useful information posted here doesn't stop with simply putting the tree in the ground; the site also contains tips and hints about using mulch, watering the tree and how and when to prune it.

Basic Grow Light Information for Indoor Gardening
This article can help growers find the best grow light for their hydroponic garden growing needs. For example, it discusses how T5 fixtures are great for all vegetative growth. And HID lighting is recommended for larger plants like vegetables and big flowering plants. It discusses how LED lighting is the newest form of horticultural lighting. A chart to help growers see how intense their lighting needs to be, as well as a list of common plants to help them determine the footcandles of grow lights is included.

For more, go to: ForBetterGardening.com

Or see samples on the subject of: specific types of gardens.

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