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Why Should Seniors Exercise?
Even though people of all ages need to exercise, itís important part of care for elderly men and women to get exercise. As the body ages, it begins to slow down. Muscle strength, endurance and flexibility can begin to suffer. Thatís why regular exercise replaces the body strength that people can lose after the age of 25. Daily exercise can help elders combat issues like arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. This article discusses types of exercise programs for senior citizens, and discusses creating an exercise routine.

Healthy Aging Partnership: Working for Elders
The Healthy Aging Partnership exists to promote healthy aging through the use of community partnerships. The organization educations social service and health care providers, as well as caregivers and policymakers, as to better elder health. In addition, it offers a forum for partners to communicate with each other. The initiatives of the organization are highlighted here, as well as the nonprofit and public organizations that comprise this organization. Consumers will enjoy tips for healthy senior living, which has articles full of tips for healthy aging and overall senior citizen health.

Aging Well: Power for Seniors
This is the website of Healthy Aging, a national ongoing health promotion designed to broaden awareness of the positive aspects of aging and to provide information and inspiration for adults over the age of 50 who want to improve and better care for their physical, mental, social, and financial fitness. As people age, itís important to learn about staying healthy and active during these years. What was thought of an immobile time is now becoming a lively chapter in the lives of many. This site has information about the senior health campaign, related sites, a calendar of events and a brochure perfect for baby boomers. It includes resources to help you find aging information in your U.S. state, and includes free tips for better health.

Office of Healthy Aging: Elder Resources for Massachusettsí Residents
Seniors living in Massachusetts can benefit from the resources on this website, which features information on the state governmentís Office of Healthy Aging. It has information on the divisionís initiatives, including the Keep Moving Program, which encourages elder walking clubs; the Massachusetts Geriatric Substance Abuse Task Force, which provides awareness and training on substance abuse and misuse in older people; the Geriatric Education Center, which features information on healthy aging, and more. Includes sites related to senior issues. A section of conferences and events is included.

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