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Elder Health: Self-Care Tips that Work
With more and more baby boomers heading into their senior years, there are more resources available. And so many of these wonderful resources are now available on the Internet, such as this website. It includes information on the flu, eating well, recipes, glaucoma, winter safety, space heater safety, preventing hypothermia and reducing the risk of diabetes. The fitness section includes articles and links on topics such as improving balance, checking your heart disease risk, cycling, talking and golf. Many elders will benefit from these self-care tips and ideas for better health overall.

Memory Loss Study: Are Seniors Losing Brain Tissue
This article discusses a 2006 study in the journal called Neurology, which finds that adults over the age of 60 who complain that they have memory problems may be losing brain tissue. The adults in the study that scored well on memory tests were found to have a loss of grey matter on about 3 percent of MRI brain scans. Patients diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease show about a 4 percent loss of brain tissue in the area of the brain that includes memory. There are some other medical study-related news studies on this page, such as those about flu shot news and Medicare news, presented by

Chirobase Gives You 411 About Chiropractic from a Skeptic's Point of View
Not everyone is a fan of chiropractic medicine, and Chirobase bills itself as "Your Skeptical Guide to Chiropractic History, Theories and Practices." The site includes a series of general articles on such topics as why chiropractic is controversial, what the Canadian Pediatric Society's position is on the practice, and a glossary of terms. Other offerings on the site include information about the dangers of neck manipulation, information provided by people who feel victimized by the profession, and some investigative reports. The site also posts articles dealing with insurance issues, ads and brochures (past and present), the history of chiropractic medicine, government reports, and more.

Elder Health: From Fitness to Checkups
This site features some tips for healthy aging, including eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, going for regular checkups, practicing safe habits at home to prevent falls, staying in touch with family and friends, avoiding overexposure to the sun, drinking in moderation, keeping records handy, and keeping a positive attitude towards life. Learn about health issues that face aging adults and baby boomers, such as arthritis, high blood pressure, accidental hypothermia, hearing aids, Alzheimer’s disease and more. This site explores shots to prevent diseases and sexuality as aging adults. Prevention is key, so it also includes a list of regular checkups that seniors should make sure to schedule.

Living Well: Health Information for Senior Citizens
For seniors, educating themselves and their caregivers about senior conditions can help with treatment and any emergencies. This site features information on fitness and living will, preventing diseases and conditions, living with illnesses and more. Topics include senior citizen exercise plans, quitting smoking, memory exercising, preventing hypothermia, arthritis, breast cancer, hearing health tips, pneumonia, skin cancer, prostate problems, vaccinations for seniors, and skin care for seniors. Plenty of topics here to help seniors and their caregivers stay on top of the latest treatments for common conditions—better yet, learn how to prevent them!

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