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Want to Build Your Own Heavy-Duty Workbench? Find Free Plans Here
This is a linking page with an impressive list of resources for workbenches assembled in one online location. Visitors to the site can check out links to sites with plans for several kinds of workbenches, including mobile, open leg, and heavy-duty styles. Foster a love of DIY at a young age by checking out the plans for a workbench designed for children.

Project Pembee: Building an Australian Country Cottage
Each stage of the contruction of a country cottage in Western Australia is well documented on this site. You can check out several building lots that the site owner considered for the project and learn about the negotations that took place before the lot was sold, why the owner used a kit to build the home (it had something to do with him wanting engineer the whole thing himself), and what buildng permits were required to get the project off the ground. For every stage, you can read a personal accounting and see several images as the project progresses from the delivery of the pre-fab home from the back of a truck, to floor and wall construction, to the installation of the roof trusses. Adventures in plumbing, electrical, and the installation of interior walls are also covered.

Roofing Company License Requirements
Before a customer can evaluate the value of a roofing company license, he or she needs to understand what having this document means. This informative article explains the difference between a roofing and general contractor's license. It sets out what a roofing license means to a consumer, as well as what a customer should ask for instead of a roofing license. Links to other roofing company articles are also provided here.

Got a Question About Construction? Ask the Builder!
What do you want to know about home improvements or construction? Ask the Builder has the answers you need. Check out the list of topics and click on the one you want to learn more about. You will find everything from Air Conditioning to Windows covered here. Other offerings include Cabinets, Design, Flooring, Hardware, House Plans, Tools, and Wallpaper. Once you have found a topic you want to explore further, click on it to see a list of subtopics. Some topics are accompanied by images or videos (courtesy of YouTube are provided. A summary of each subtopic is listed above the link, so you can be sure you are getting the construction advice you need. Ebooks on a number of topics are available for instant download.

Home Building Web Site Helps You Be Your Own Contractor
This web site is an excellent resource for anyone considering serving as their own general contractor during home construction. OwnerBuilderSolutions has a wide variety of information available, from engineering, blueprint and AutoCAD services under Home Design to comprehensive Financing and Owner-Builder Services sections. Visitors to the site will find links to frequently asked questions, available land for sale, and a photo gallery of completed construction projects. A free project management account membership also entitles you to no-cost initial consultation with an advisor!

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