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Bathroom Decorating Tips
When your bathroom cabinets are busting at the seams and your shelves are spilling over, it's time to get organized. Here's a feature article on bathroom decorating from that discusses how there are many simply things you can do to decorate your bathroom and give it a special touch and add vivid personality. Tips include balancing hard surfaces with soft touches, such as terry-cloth towels on an old wooden towel rack. Or offset the contrasting textures of water and soap with a flower bouquet or potted plants in glass containers. A simple white eyelet shower curtain made of the same fabric as the window curtains will also serve to offset hard surfaces.

How-To Use Molding to Beautify Your Bathroom
The photo of a bathroom brought to life and made stylish by molding is sure to get your creative juices flowing. The nearly 40,000 bathroom modling home design photos on Houzz shows how much can be done with the simple addition of decorative molding, niches, medallions, and door trim. Click through the photos to get inspiration for remodeling or redecorating for your bathroom. It may inspire you to makeover virtually every room in your home. The site provides numerous galleries to illustrate all the different applications niches, molding, medallions, trim, etc. You can also the best and proper ways of cutting molding to insure a good seam at every joint, as well as tricks for installing and adhering molding to uneven surfaces. You can also preview a wide range of helpful videos that will detail ways to make all of your remodeling jobs easier.

Clean a Sink Faucet
This article is about faucet care and maintenance. In a new home or when a replacement faucet is used for the first time, homeowners may notice flecks and particles in the water coming through the faucet. These are probably remnants of installation materials such as solder and copper chips, which can potentially cause a blockage and damage the faucet. Article recommends removing the tip of the faucet, known as the aerator, by unscrewing it, turning the handle(s) to a "full-on" position, and allowing the water to flush through the system for about two minutes. Then replace the aerator. Cleaning kitchen faucets is easily done using a damp cloth and mild soap, then drying with a soft cloth to retain luster and shine. Window cleaning products also work well, and for crevices, an old toothbrush can be a handy tool. Remember, you're not cleaning the hulls of a Navy ship; avoid harsh cleaners and abrasives that could damage your faucet's finish. With any cleaning product, be sure to read and follow recommended usage instructions. Removing deposits as well as minor maintenance tips are included.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas on Better Home and Gardens
This Better Home and Gardens guide includes links to bathroom decorating styles that include country retreat, clean and contemporary, and time-honored tradition, all of which can be expressed through a bathroom's colors, fixtures, and fine details. The sassy sink skirts section includes homey gathering, sheer delight and center stage styles, which can cover up plumbing pipes. Whitewashed bathroom styles as well as those with color schemes are also included. In addition, nostalgic bathrooms with vintage and mixed-age materials are provided. Photos of bathroom styles complete the guide.

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