Resources on the Craft of Area Rugs

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Top Rugs Projects on DIY Network
The DIY Network provides several do-it-yourself projects involving rugs. Some projects are explained via video, while others are explained step by step in words and pictures. Here are some of the projects: selecting an area rug, how to add wall and rug decorations to a room, make a woven woolen rug from leftover chunky wool, make a woven woolen rug from leftover yarn scraps, make a bold and beautiful rug with carpet remnants, paint a trompe l'oel rug on a stone floor, create a decorative rug using scrap vinyl floorcovering, learn how to take care of antique rag rugs, paint a canvas rug, make a fabric rug border, and learn how to design your own sisal rug with paint and stencils.

Louisa Creed Rugs
An in-depth article about Louisa Creed, a well-known rag rug maker. With an imaginative eye for unique rug designs full of artistic creativity, her hooked rugs have gained notoriety. About 15 years ago, she saw a rag rug in a museum and wondered why people were no longer making them. She took a piece of upholstery hessian and a latchet-hook, and cut up some strips of cotton to make her first rugs, gradually finding the right hessian, hook and fabrics.

How to Make Your Own Locker Hook Rug
If you plan to make your own locker hook rug, follow this step-by-step procedure at For the materials, this includes the rug canvas, aluminum locker hook, acrylic yarn, tapestry needle and scissors. The first step is to make the edges of the rug. Second, whip stitch all the edges of the canvas. The next step is locker hooking, wherein it is recommended to use only an arm's length of yarn for the locking medium because it is faster and easier to pull than a longer length. For faster learning, each process comes with a short tutorial video.

Rug Forum on LiveJournal
If you're looking to converse with other rug hookers, this site is very helpful. You can share your designs and ask questions. There are homemade secrets here, as well as patterns and more tips. Also, many people post pictures as they progress through the rug-making process, so itís easy to see the entire process here from other rug makers across the globe.

Fredericksburg Rugs
Fredericksburg Rugs offers a wide selection of rug hooking kits and patterns, books and other resources. The site also features information about the bed and breakfast log cabin, as well as rug retreats and rug classes. Hand-dyed wool, wool textures, bolt wool yardage, and recycled Pendleton shirts for rug hooking, penny rug, or quilting are also available.

Caring for Your Rug
Especially for Oriental rug owners, they will last many years if you take rug care precautions. Common problems include water damage, moth damage, dog chews and cat scratching, pet stains, vacuum cleaner damage, chemical damage, sun damage, and uneven wear. This Web site features a variety of rug-affecting factors and you can get care and cleaning tips with the click of a mouse. Also noted are tips on how to move a rug, how to lay a rug flat, using rug pads, coping with curled corners and edges, sizing and blocking a rug and rug storage.

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