Resources on the Craft of Area Rugs

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How to Make Your Own Braided Rug
Braided rugs are wonderful home decorations. But instead of buying one, you can make one by yourself through the help of this easy-to-follow braided rug DIY tutorial. First, get old colored T-shirts from your cabinet. According to this article at, a stack of 10 to 12 shirts can make a 36-inch round rainbow braided rug. Then, follow the cloth-cutting steps in this article to create strips for your rug. Next, set your sewing machine based on the instructions here. If you are worried that you might get lost, this guide has photos that can help you.

How to Make an Area Rug Out of a Carpet Remnant
This article shows you how to save money and make your own custom area rug out of a carpet remnant. Here's some other advantages beside the cost savings: carpet remnants may offer more color choices than prefabricated rugs you might find; in addition, remnants offer the possibility of making a rug exactly the size and shape you want. The articles provide instructions in four sections: Measure Twice, Cut Once, Turning Remnant into Rug, Finishing, and Tips & Warnings. Some key instructions: Make the size of your rug out of brown craft paper or something similar, and then roll up and take your pattern to the carpet store, especially if itís an usual shape. Once you get the remnant home, tape your pattern to the back of it with masking tape. Another good tip: practice with your carpet knife before you do the real cutting. Also, coat the edge of your rug with white glue, making a border at least 1/2 inch wide all the way around to prevent the edge of the rug from unraveling. An important tip is to make sure you get the right white glue—ask your carpet store what it recommends for carpet edging.

Guide to Rug Hooking Frames
Now hereís something different when it comes to Internet resources for rug hookers. This page on is a guide to rug hooking frames, and is an ideal resource for beginners and those interested in learning about rug hooking. Learn about the size of a rug hooking frame, sit-on frames, lap frames. floor stands, the importance of gripper strips, using an embroidery hoop, rug hooking frame shapes and sizes, and buying rug hooking frames on eBay. Terms include dorr wool, patterned wool, primitive cuts, linen, monks cloth, angus burlap, Scottish burlap, all-purpose burlap, primitive burlap, burlap linen, warp cloth, cuts, width of wool, Harman hook, Fraser hook, Grubber lap frame, Lap hoop, Pittsburgh crafting frame and more.

The Rug Hookers' Group on
Here's where you can join the Rug Hookers e-group at If you've ever been a part of an e-group before you're undoubtedly in for a pleasant surprise. This is a large group of people, all of whom are interesting in hooked rugs, and all of them ready, willing, and anxious to share their expertise, their knowledge, their skill, their hints, and their tips to help you with any hooked rug project you have or are thinking of starting. Groups such as this are very close-knit and willing to lend help and advice as if you are a member of a family. If you are interested in joining an on-going discussion on a wide range of hooked rug topice with over 1,600 other rug hooking enthusiasts, then follow the simple instructions for gaining membership.

Handed Braided Rugs by BRAIDS
This site by a braided rug artist who seels rugs has photos of a wide variety of interesting braided rugs in the Customer Gallery, but they are not for sale and just represent samples of them work. Inspiration is everywhere on this site, along with information on the rug braiding process. If you'd like to order a rug, there is a size and color page to choose from, as BRAIDS will decsign and create a hand-braided rug that is uniquely yours. For those who are inspired enough to want to learn more about rug braiding or making custom rugs or rag rugs or basically any type of country-style rug there are several rug-making camps held year-round and classes that can be taken to learn this traditional folk art. If you wish to ask questions about rug braiding or to contact rug braiders in your area .

Making Rag Rugs on Mother Earth News
What's old is new again at this site where everything from old T-shirts to blue jeans to maternity clothes get recycled into brand new rag area rugs. What a wonderful and novel idea. Virtually any piece of textile can be recycled into a beautiful and useful rag rug. Learn to design and then make hooked rag area rugs from almost any old scrap of cloth. Learn about the different kinds of backings you can use. But that's not all. Also learn to make prodded rag area rugs. Prodded rugs are usually softer and less knobby and can be made in a variety of textures depending on the materials you have to work with. Learn about braided rugs, crocheted rugs, combination rugs and more. This site has many photos of hand made rag area rugs to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for creating and actually making your own rag rugs.

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